Rings for Men > MR 9 with 2.82c Blue Star Sapphire
MR 9 with 2.82c Blue Star Sapphire

Price: $2,139.00
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Prod. Code: 260-00056

Size: 12.o;
Stone: 2.82c Blue Star Sapphire(N) Cabochon, 6.5x8.5mm;
Metal: 18K Gold & 1.4dwt Natural Gold Nuggets;
Dimension: 10mm to 4mm;
Style: MR 9 S 18

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The First Picture shows the Star when a direct or strong source of light is illuminating it, i.e. the sun, a lightbulb, flashlight etc. The Second Picture is the Sapphire itself with no effects.

All Original Designs by Casey McBride.
Prices are Subject to Change.